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First private party yesterday, and it was amazing. It was definitely a very emotional time as well as shocking from all the information she gave. I came out with everything I was hoping for and positive insight into the future, along with some loved ones who have crossed. We are already planning another party with more people. Thank you so much!-Felicia Marie Maiden


This was my first reading and she was on point 100%!-Stephanie Hess


Charla is on point. Completely blown away. Will be back.- Dawn Marie


Charla gave me an incredible reading and answered some very difficult and sensitive questions I had and was completely in the dark about. She gave me priceless insight into a very dark emotional situation and for that I can't thank her enough. To anyone looking for a good reader I highly recommend Charla to you! I will be back to her for a full reading! - Megan Mayers


I had the most amazing reading from Charla. There is no way she could have known the things that she told me. She gave me hope that after a very horrible last two years things were going to be ok. I can finally breath. I would recommend Charla to everyone.She is incredible. Thank you Charla! Love you. - Annette Huff Vose



Very accurate on a few things that's going on in my life at the present time! Will go back! - Lynn Speelman



I had a reading with Charla about two weeks ago and I am still blown away by the reading! Charla knew things that only someone who is truly gifted could of known. She touch on some very important key areas of my life that brought me much needed closure! This was one of the most amazing readings I have ever had! I will be back!!!! - Casey Thompson



Charla is very personable, accurate, and discussed all parts of my life that I was thinking about. Wonderful service and wonderful person! - Phoebe  Layne


I had a very accurate reading. With a surprise twist that brought some healing. - Diane Meckley Wentz


Wonderful reading. Felt very comfortable with Charla and appreciated her insight. - Laura Bosley


Charla is absolutely amazing!! I've had 2 reading by her and both were spot on! I definitely recommend Charla to anyone looking for some clarity. My reading today brought some things to light about a family member and will definitely help me in keeping them on the right track. Thanks so very much! - Missy Ricciuti


Accurate and insightful intuition! She is able to get to the core of what you need to know. - Lex Wolfberg


Very insightful and motivating read by Charla, she was onpoint in all areas of my life. Look forward to having a private tarot party this summer with friends & family. Highly recommend Charla!-  Diane Haney-Garcia


We stopped by Zen and Now for a free reading Wow!! Had a very emotional reading. It was incredible how she connected. Very accurate and insightful I can't wait to hear what we touch on for a full reading. - Tina Marie


Charla is an incredibly skilled reader. My reading was completely accurate and insightful. Charla was very accommodating for my large private party. All guests were highly pleased with their readings. If you are looking for an amazing first psychic experience or continuing guidance Charla is the one for you! I intend to be a repeat customer.-  Kimberly  Storm


I hosted a party and Charla provided very accurate, detailed readings to everyone. She is truly amazing and would definitely do it again!!  Melissa Rose Mummert


Great reading and centering..i needed clarity and it was given. Could see the many angles of my life, and my angel connected by her age and salmon roses. Thank you Charla.  - Gina Devage


I've always gotten awesome reads from Char!!-  Ariel Brew


An amazing reader! She was incredibly accurate and very down to earth. Will be back! - Kelly Matthews


Amazing & accurate readings!  Very accommodating!  She can provide a personal reading from anywhere!- Debbie Sullivan Brew


I was a little nervous and not sure what to expect. Charla made me feel at ease and I had an excellent experience. Can't wait for the next time. -  Sue Kalain


Very gifted reader. Her ability to not only read the cards, but to let her natural intuition provide the insight you need truly sets her apart. Good Vibes all around :) - Krista Canby

This was one of the best readings of all time! Charla was on point with everything! I have been to many readers and I have finally found one that I can trust and is the real deal. She is professional and friendly I highly recommend Charla and I am looking forward to booking a party for my friends!! - Karen Albright


I love Charla, she is spot on with her readings. Thank you for helping me realize somethings and open my eyes. I will be back again. - Patricia Showers





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