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What types of sessions does Charla offer?

Charla offers 30 ($60.00) & 60 ($150.00) minute readings. Readings will focus on topics and issues surrounding your past, present, and future. (Examples: career, finances, romance, family matters.)  It will help if you prepare a list of questions and topics that you would like Charla to focus on and she will provide information, guidance and direction you can take to improve your current situation.  When you book a reading with Charla you are booking her for an Intuitive reading, which integrates both the psychic reading and the mediumship reading into one. It’s important to know that not everyone is given the gift of mediumship in a reading. Charla believes if spirit feels the message is needed it will be delivered.  


Please know that if you do not hear from your loved one in a reading that does not mean they are not with you or are not safe and at peace. There are many reasons why spirit does not come through at a particular time. Charla will always ask you prior to starting a reading if you are open to mediumship. Some individuals are not comfortable with mediumship and Charla will always respect that as well.


What are "Girls Night Out" Parties? -CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE

This is a great way to have fun for the holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, etc. Get a group. Minimum of 6 & maximum of 15 of your friends together and Charla will come to your home and provide individual mini readings (15 minutes) for you and your party guest!  Experience a great evening of transformation and insight! The cost is $30.00 per person. Charla only offers so many of these parties a year and they fill very fast. PLEASE NOTE: 12-15 month wait is not uncommon.  Travel allowance may apply depending on distance if held at your location.


What is Bring Your Party to Us?

These parties work the same as the “Girls Night Out” however, your group is coming to our location.  We will provide a private party room for you & your guests in our Gettysburg location! We will provide ice, glasses and a snack basket filled with goodies.  You are welcome to bring finger food and beverage of your choice.   Please call the office for additional details.

​ ​

Gallery Events –“Whispers From Heaven”


​Charla is an evidential psychic medium who has the ability to communicate validating messages from those who have crossed over. Charla hopes that through spirit communication it can help reduce the pain of grieving and give us comfort of knowing our loved ones never leave us.


A Gallery can bring closure to a grieving person who wants validation that their loved one is safe and doing well after the death experience. No guarantees are made but usually there is undeniable evidence that the person communicating from the spirit world is a close acquaintance of the client receiving the reading. All readings are given with respect and dignity. Charla will spend the first hour communicating messages she receives, followed by a 30 minute question and answer session.

Messages received will often resonate for various audience members even if the reading is not directed at them, so keep your mind and heart open! Being a witness to several wonderful messages given and possibly a receiver of your own message is a beautiful and heartwarming experience!  GALLERY EVENTS ARE FOR GROUPS OF 25 OR MORE!


How do I book a private session with Charla?

Thank you for your interest in a private sitting with Charla. There is about a 12 month wait for Charla’s private sessions, and sessions are booked in the order the requests are received. If you would like to book a session, please phone our office at 717-321-6671. We DO NOT schedule appointments via messenger, or email.


May I bring someone with me to my private reading?

Charla’s time allotted for a private session is intended for one person. However, Charla has at times allowed for one additional family member. This will be considered on a case by case basis and there is an additional sitting fee should Charla allow a second person in your sitting.


How do I pay for my session?

All sessions, once confirmed with a date and time, are put on Charla’s schedule. Charla does not require a deposit for your reading.  You will pay for your reading at the time of your scheduled reading.   You will be contacted a week prior to your reading for confirmation. WE MUST BE ABLE to confirm all appointments prior to your readings or you will forfeit your reading. We will make three attempts to confirm your appointment before it is cancelled and we fill the spot.


Do you have a waiting list?

We DO NOT have a wait list for Charla.  All of our open appointments or Cancellations are posted via Charla’s Facebook page “Tarot Impressions by Charla.” Should Charla have an opening we will post it on Facebook and it will go to the first caller who responds until all appointments are filled.


What are Random Read Days?

We understand the wait to see Charla can be long and frustrating so from time to time Charla will offer via Facebook what we have coined as Random Read days.  If Charla has additional time in her schedule and her energy is up she may add an additional day of readings into her schedule. Charla does try to offer “Random Read” days at least once a month. Random Read days are posted via Charla’s Facebook page and we will post “Random Read” with the number of appointments that are open along with day and times of available appointments. Appointments are open until filled. To make sure you do not miss a “Random Read” day go in and “LIKE” Charla’s Facebook page “Tarot Impressions by Charla’ make sure you turn on notification for her page.


What happens if I need to cancel my appointment?

Once you have booked your appointment should you need to cancel please phone our office 48 hours prior to your appointment.  Should you not cancel your appointment and are a no show/ no call you WILL NOT be able to schedule with Charla in the future.

Gift Cards

Looking for that unique gift this holiday season?  Celebrate your family and friends with a gift they'll love! Tarot Impressions by Charla is now offering gift cards! For additional information on our gift cards or to purchase please phone our office at 717-321-6671.

Charla is available for charity events, guest appearances and other media events. If you would like to discuss an event or personal appearance, please phone:  717-321-6671 or email  All prices are based on 2023 -Pricing is subject to change. 


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