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Charla was born in Cleveland, Ohio.  She attended Kindergarten at Memorial School which was also known as Collinwood School. This school was the scene of one of the worst school fires in history (also known as the Lake View School fire).  The fire, which occurred on Ash Wednesday, March 4, 1908, was one of the deadliest disasters of its type in the United States.  The tragedy resulted in the deaths of 172 students, two teachers and a rescuer.

Initially, it was believed that the students were unable to escape because the doors opened inward.  This later proved to be in error--the children died partly as a result of their own panic.  They rushed the doors, which soon jammed with the bodies of those trying so desperately to get out. Some teachers who could not get their classes to the crowded exits led the children out through the second and third floor windows. 

Collinwood at that time was a small community of roughly 8,000 citizens, and many families lived near the school.  When word of the fire spread through the neighborhood, hysterical parents rushed to the scene to find and rescue their children.  Some tried to pull the children out of the doorways, or stood below the upper windows in an attempt to catch the jumpers.  Sadly, most of their efforts proved futile, and they were left to watch helplessly as the fire consumed the entire building.

A large number of the bodies were unidentifiable.  These unidentified children, along with students whose parents could not afford a burial, were buried in a mass grave in Cleveland's Lake View Cemetery.

Although devastating, some good came out of this tragedy.  It enhanced public awareness of fire safety and prevention, resulting in improved building and fire codes, as well as the nationwide practice of fire drills.

 In 1910, a new school was constructed directly next to the site of Lake View Elementary School. The new school was named Collinwood Memorial.  Next door, and on top of the site of the old school, a Memorial Garden was built. It was said that some grieving parents protested this action.  One mother, for instance, did not want her child to go to a school where, presumably, the ashes of his brother lay next door. 


Charla often played in the Memorial Garden with her sister when she was a child.  Charla first became aware that she could see and feel the spirit children while playing in the garden.  One dark haired boy in particular continuously appeared to her.  She referred to him as her "special friend".  Charla believes that to this day her "special friend" is attached to her.

The school closed down in 70's and stood vacant for 20 plus years. During that time it has acquired quite a reputation for hauntings and other weird activity.  Some neighbors say that they have seen a light that will first appear in a second floor window, and then travel along the halls of the school before disappearing. 


Eventually, in 2004, the school was torn down.  A third school, simply called Memorial Elementary, was opened in 2005 on the same site with the original memorial to the victims preserved.

After two years of attending school at Memorial Elementary, Charla's family moved to the suburbs of Cleveland.  At this point, she started to see what she refers to as the "mirror people."  These were images of people and visions that would appear to her in her large bedroom mirror.  These images were so frightening as to cause Charla to have severe anxiety and panic attacks.  As a result, Charla's mother had to cover the mirror with a sheet each night.


Charla always felt somewhat different from the rest of her peers and family.  Even as a child she had an interest in the metaphysical.  As she grew, she strove to understand why she always felt this connection to the "other side." Her desire to understand caused her to research and study.  She wanted to know not only what was happening, but why and how she best could use her gift to serve others.

When Charla was 30 years old she had a stroke.  She believes that this trauma caused something inside of her to burst open.  After the stroke her ability became even more intense which put her on a mission  to develop, and study everything possible to better serve her clients.

Charla is of the belief that this work chooses you, you do not choose it.  She believes that she has been learning and preparing since childhood for the work she does today.

Charla is certified through Tarot Certification Board of America & is a member of  The American Tarot Association & Forever Family Foundation. Charla is also an Ordained Minister with the Universal Life Church Ministries & Certified Usui Reiki Level Usui Reiki Level 1,2 & 3 Master/Teacher..


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